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Interlocking Tiles

Size: 200X160X60mm
Brick Plane
Size: 300X150X60mm
Size: 270X218X60mm
Size: 250X123X60mm
IL 1
IL 2
IL 3
IL 4
Brick Itching
Size: 300X150X60 mm
Round Dumble/Basil
Size: 275X127X60 mm
Square Mat Finish
Size: 300X300X60 mm
Square Mat Finish
Size: 300X300X60 mm
Square Itching Finish
Size: 200X200X60mm
Brick Mat
Size: 200X100X60 mm
Brick Itching
Size: 200X100X60 mm
Square In Rock Texture
Size: 200X200X60 mm
Size: 120X120X60 mm
Non slip and anti skid pavers are available in 60 and 80 mm thickness. Pavers are tough enough withst and roughest use and heavy wear and tear. Pavers has less than five present absorption which is lower than both asphalt and poured concrete. Aesthetic and economical, pavers need no maintenance. Any repairs, if necessary require no digging up. They are quickly and inexpensively carried out as each block a separate unit, can be dismantelled and replaced with ease.

Instructions for laying  AIMS INDIA
  1. Preparation of sub base, it is essential that the sub layer is strong enough to take on the desired load.
  2. Start laying the pavers from one end keeping a gap of 1 to 2mm in between pavers, before laying make sure a bedding of sand of not less than 25mm thickness is evenly spread.
  3. Cutting of pieces to fit the edges, it is essential that along the periphery, the pavers are cemented or packed well to avoid the shifting at the edges.
  4. Vibrating the pavers with surface vivrators.
  5. Excess sand is to be removed and the new floor is ready for use.